Health and Physical Education

Health & Physical Education at Manuka School

The learning activities in health and physical education arise from the integration of the following four strands and their achievement objectives, and seven key areas of learning.

The four strands are:

  • Personal health and physical development, in which students develop the knowledge, understandings, skills, and attitudes that they need in order to maintain and enhance their personal well-being and physical development

  • Movement concepts and motor skills, in which students develop motor skills, knowledge and understandings about movement, and positive attitudes towards physical activity

  • Relationships with other people, in which students develop understandings, skills, and attitudes that enhance their interactions and relationships with others

  • Healthy communities and environments, in which students contribute to healthy communities and environments by taking responsible and critical action.

The seven key areas of learning are:

  • mental health

  • sexuality education

  • food and nutrition

  • body care and physical safety

  • physical activity

  • sport studies

  • outdoor education.

All seven areas are to be included in teaching and learning programmes at both primary and secondary levels.

Our school covers these areas of learning in the following ways.

Areas of Learning.pdf