Activities On Offer 

Kapa haka

Kapa Haka is an exciting cultural group to be involved in. The group performs throughout the year both in and out of school. Kapa Haka provides tamariki with an opportunity to represent the Māori culture and learn about tikanga Māori. The Kapa Haka is open to all students from years 2-6 and is a year long commitment. The group practices during class time each week. Miss Tong invites the children to register their interest early in the year.

Lead teacher - Miss Rebecca Tong

Supporting teacher Mrs. Kim Freeman

Wai ako kaiako

Wai Ako Kaiako is a Tuakana-teina programme. 

Tuakana-teina comes from te ao Māori and refers to the relationship between an older (tuakana) person and a younger (teina) person.  

In Wai Ako Kaiako the year 4-6 students (tuakana) meet during one lunchtime per week to learn songs in te reo and New Zealand sign language. They then go and teach this knowledge to a junior classroom (teina) during class time for 15 minutes per week. Children are asked to register their interest to train as tuakana in week 3 term one.

Lead teacher- Ms Aubrey Orne-Munro


Netball is available through the following competitions at Netball North Harbour

At Glenfield College there is an ANZ Future Ferns for Year 1 to 3 on Saturdays and a Junior Netties can offer a competition for Year 1 through to Year 6 teams. The competition is 12 weeks long for Year 3 to 6 teams. For Year 1 and 2 teams the programme is 10 weeks long (at Glenfield only).

There is also Summer Leagues at Netball North Harbour and Glenfield College in Term 4.

Team numbers are dependent on the number of children who wish to play and parent support with coaching and managing teams.

Lead teacher- Mrs. Desiree Ward (Netball Coordinator) for any inquiries 


For 20+ years we have had a very proud Mānuka Bullets team, made up of Year 5 and 6 students.

We have won 9 championships at the YMCA and are currently defending champions. 

Trials for basketball start at the beginning of each year for boys and girls in Year 5 and 6. 

This years competition is played at North Harbour basketball


Touch is offered in Term 4 only and depends heavily on parent involvement for coaches and managers. Students  wear a uniform. Our sports top is available from KINDO and students wear their own black shorts.

The season starts early term 4 and runs for 8 weeks. Students play with 6 on the field at any time, with a maximum of 10 in a team. They play 14 minute halves with a 1 minute half time where they switch ends of the field. Games are played after school and trainings are run by coaches and managers.

Team numbers are dependent on the number of children who wish to play and parent support with coaching and managing teams

Lead teacher- Mrs Kerry Lemon -

iNTER-SCHOOL SPORTS tournament days

Each term the Glenfield School Cluster organises different sporting events where the local schools can get together to compete in a wide range of sports. These competitions vary from year to year. They are held at local schools during school hours and are free for the children who attend. 

Team numbers are dependent on the number of teams that the cluster can accommodate on the days. 

Lead teacher Mr Chris Barclay-


This year we have one hockey team.  The Mānuka Mini Sticks, are a year 3/4 team. They play on a Monday afternoon in the competition run by North Harbour Hockey Association.  The competition runs throughout Term's 2 & 3.

Lead teacher Miss Emily Trainer-

2024 Team Manager - Kirsten Haylock

2024 Coach- Greg Haylock

Library free time

Our school library is open before school from 8:20-8:50am and during fine lunchtimes from 12:30-1pm. 

The children are welcome to come in and play games and read books together. There is a teacher in the library to supervise the children at this time. 


We are so lucky to often have a group of Grandmothers who come into our school on Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes to teach knitting  to our keen senior students. 

The boys and girls in years 4-6 develop a range of skills during the year. Their knitting projects range from Peggy squares to beanies and knitted toys. 

ENVIRO (environmetal) group

The Enviro Group are taught many different gardening skills and also the effect of our choices on our wider environment.  The group learns what types of plants to grow in different seasons, how to use worm wee, weed, water, de-slug, and how to care for different sorts of plants.  The group also collects food scraps daily to make compost and worm castings which are used to enrich the soil in the raised beds at Manuka School.   

The Enviro Group meet one lunchtime a week unless it is raining. This group is open to Year 5 and 6 students only.

Lead teacher- Mrs. Karen de Silva

The Play pod

The Mānuka school play pod is a shed full of amazing play based learning equipment. It is open for the Junior children to play with 2 days each week on fine lunch times. 

This equipment allows the children to develop skills of creativity and cooperation while they have lots of fun. 

The Sand pit

The Mānuka School sandpit is a large shaded play area that is open for the Junior children to play with on fine play and lunch times. 

This equipment allows the children to play together and have a lot of fun while learning to share space and equipment. 

The mps explorer

We are so proud of our MPS Explorer. This beautiful ship shaped playground gives our junior children so much joy, exercise and creative opportunities to play. 

Our children love playing on this playground before school and in their break times

The Junior playground

Our junior playground is designed especially to meet the safety and needs of our little people in the year 0-3 classes. This shaded playground allows our students to climb and explore together. 

The Senior playground

Our senior playground is designed to meet the challenge and excitement of our bigger people in the year 4-6 classes. This playground includes our massive 'spider web' and a range of climbing equipment that they can play on. 

Our senior students also enjoy playing basketball, on the top courts, handball around the back of the classrooms, soccer on the fields and quiet games in the game zone at the back of Room 8 

Senior play area

The senior school has a quiet play area at the back of Room 8. Here they can play cards, board games, giant chess or tic, tac, toe. This area is well used before school and in break times. 


Mānuka School works in partnership with The Music Education Centre . 

The Music Education Centre students have the convenience and choice of either learning at the MEC centre or at their school. 

Learning music through the centre includes a selection of over 90 skilled teachers that are committed to your child's learning experience. 

Head to to enrol your child online.