Play based learning

Not just playing around

At Manuka School we consider Play-based Learning (PBL) to be a way to engage our students with learning. It is is a child centered and interest-driven way to learn that meets the developmental and well being needs of individual children.

Play-based Learning is designed to help children to feel safe to try new things, enhance their sense of wonder and learn resilience, cooperation, negotiation, respect for others and a strong sense of belonging.

When children start at school from a range of homes and early learning centres, they arrive with a sense of wonder and natural curiosity.

Our Play-based Learning environment aims to make the transition from preschool/home into school as smooth, enjoyable, highly motivating and engaging as possible. From there Play-based Learning is a part of the learning up into year three.

In our new entrant classes, the children engage in Play-based Learning most afternoons. In the year 1 - 3 classrooms, the children engage in play based learning at least one afternoon per week. Play is integrated into many aspects of inquiry based learning on the other afternoons. A play-based learning shed full of exciting equipment is open for the junior children to explore during their lunch times.