Home Learning

Welcome to the Manuka Primary Home Learning page.

Here you will find a range of links to support your child's learning at home. Home learning is practice - it should support your child's current level and not be too hard or too easy. Home learning should be completed independently and your child should be experiencing a relatively high level of success. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Home Learning please see your child's class teacher.

A guideline for average time spent daily on home learning tasks would be:

  • Year 0-2 10-15 mins
  • Year 3-4 15-20 mins
  • Year 5-6 20-30 mins

Supporting Learning At Home - Practical information about education for parents and carers.



Help At Home - Reading and Writing examples

Kiwi Kids News - News articles for kids

Special Projects

Complete the writing challenge called 'Alarm Call'

Follow this link to see the task https://www.onceuponapicture.co.uk/portfolio_page/the-clock-tower/

Publish your story and share it with friends, family or your class or submit your story as a comment on the page. Please remember to sign it with your first name only. Do not put your full name on the internet.