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To enrol your child in Manuka Primary School, please fill in the Enrolment form and return to Manuka Primary School, 34 Manuka Road, Glenfield, Auckland 0629. You will also need to bring your child's birth certificate or current passport to the office on enrolment.

The Information Booklet (refer to ‘School Information’ on this website) includes information about our school including uniform, stationery, our behaviour policy, school rules, term dates & holidays.

To introduce new entrants to school we invite caregivers to enrol the child at least 6 weeks before they turn five, in order to pre visit the new entrant rooms before they start school.

We are a Cohort Entry School which allows new entrants to start school in cohort groups on the first day of the term or mid term after their 5th birthday, rather than singly on each child’s birthday. The start date depends on when the child’s 5th birthday falls, and may mean that some children may not start until several weeks after they turn 5.

If your child is enrolled in a day care/preschool it would be a good idea to notify them of the date your child will start at Manuka, as they may have to stay in care for a few weeks after their 5th birthday.

The dates for this year’s intakes are the 3rd of February, 9th of March, 28th of April, 2nd of June, 20th of July, 24th of August and the 12th of October 2020.

When enrolling your child at school for the first time we require a birth certificate and immunisation certificate including MenZB. If your child is born overseas, proof of residency is required e.g. passport.


Our School has a before School and after School Provider. They are called S.K.I.D.S

Safe Kids in Daily Supervision

You can click here for more information about S.K.I.D.S

S.K.I.D.S is our preferred before and after school care provider.

They take the children to their classrooms at 8.30am and they collect them from their classroom at 3pm and walk them to our school hall, where they are based.

They are open from 7am -6pm daily.

They also offer School Holiday Programmes

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